Skincare Sunday: How Riley Transformed my Skin

So for the past week, I would say that I have been a bit of a funk. Where so many people direct you to many avenues and lane to where your skin would be transformed. After using a tester of my drunken elephant vitamin c serum my skin reacted so badly to it and I had to figure out reverse it. So I began my haunt that started with my purchase of another Biologique Recherche p50 Pigm 400 Lotion which is meant to help with hyperpigmentation, I bought this along with the serum and out the two products I have had more success with the lotion not too keen of the serum. Which continued my search and I began researching on Sunday Riley products, which I always thought was hype let me tell you this product is not. I will be doing a further review on the Sunday Riley Luna once I get my Riley Juno in the mail. This product not only hydrated my skin but I have been seeing some improvement with my hyperpigmentation. That gets back to my most recent purchase which is the Fresh Deep Hydrating Rose Toner which has become my new favorite for my morning routine. I will do a further review on all these products individually when I get my routine together.I hope to all do a return review and why I returned this product.

I wish you all a great week and a week of progress

-xx Val

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