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The Science of Jojoba Oil and Why it is useful in Double Cleansing

So I was in my travels on YouTube and began to research on why I was constantly getting tiny rashes on my forehead, the lady mentioned the idea of using oils to get rid of extra dirt within the skin and break down dirt in the sebum (like dissolve like). Well she was 90% right because it definitely got ride of the smaller bumps through using the double cleansing method, but she was not fully correct because jojoba oil is actually a wax ester not an oil hence why it can mimic our skin sebum. This idea can be further explained through understanding the science of the sebaceous gland and wax ester.

The sebaceous gland are made up with a waxy substance called sebum which consist of triglycerides (41%), wax ester (26%), squalene (12%), and metabolites (16%). Wax ester also known as Cetyl Palmitate acts as moisture control for the skin through its ability to resist hydrolysis and oxidation.


Triglycerides is the opposite and cannot resist hydrolysis and oxidation.

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Another way to understand why jojoba oil might be better penetrating through the sebum is simply by taking a look at the structure. A triglyceride for example coconut oil might just sit on top of the skin while a wax ester will penetrate quicker due to the triglyceride having a larger structure (sits on top of skin).

All of this disproves why coconut oil can be used in the skin in the means of creating a layer that can penetrate and moisturize the skin but remembering that coconut oil is a triglyceride versus jojoba oil is a waxy substance shows that it can easily penetrate through the skin.  In conclusion to all of this jojoba oil is a better ingredient to use as a double cleansing method simply for its properties.

So what happened when I used Jojoba Oil in a Double Cleansing Method?

Using my Shiseido Cotton Pads ( My favorite btw) I then watched my face with my Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moss Cleanser and the next day my skin felt hydrated, glowing, and the congested area was gone. So the end all be all is that jojoba oil really works, but please do a patch test before using all over the face and make sure when you purchase a cleansing oil it does not have too many essential oils and fillers.


Stay Hydrated and Beautiful Bye xx


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