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How I am tackling Dryness this Winter

So for the past few years of my life I have being dealing with severe dryness and texture on both side of my cheeks. This is due to me trying very harsh products to treat my acne and the backlash of this all is dealing with dermatitis and dryness. My dryness got so bad I felt it in the winter. I have spent a fortune trying to find the perfect skin care routine and spent so much time trying to solve this problem. Until I met Dr. Allouche JK just in my mind but I met his line of products called Biologique Recherche. The question is what I use from his line and how have I used these products.

My skin care begins in the morning:

Due to my crazy schedule I have only five minutes to get my face prepped and out of the door, so it starts with spritzing my face with the Avene Thermal Spring Water and doing the same on my Shiseido cotton pads and wipe my face down. Next I use my Biologique Recherche Extraits Tissulaires serum patting into my skin then using the La Mer Moisturizing Creme. That’s it then I am out the door.

For my night time routine:

1. I use my BR lait vip o2 leave it on for a minute or two then spritz with the avene thermal spring water massage using the nymphatic drainage method then using the Shiseido cotton pads to wipe it off.

2. Three times a week I use my masque vivant mixed with my masque vip o2 mixture on my skin then everyday I use the the p50 1970 by spritzing the Avene thermal water on the Shiseido cotton pad.

3. I pat some BR placenta serum which is not pictured above then I layer with the BR Extraits Tissulaires then layer with my la mer cream.

This has being my routine for the last month and my hyper pigmentation has improved my skin feels hydrated and I see less clogged pores.

Well that is it for my routine, I will eventually draw down my list to must haves but for now Im taking these secrets to my next generation just kidding you all know now.

For all of the people reading this post who have a hard time finding this product.

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